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House interior designs 2022

House interior Designs

Yeap, You heard me right

1- instead of having a bed why not have a flooring bed?

to renovate your House/ Apartment room you don’t have to think expensive or go out of your way to make it look good. you can decorate and still have space enough to make you comfortable.

one of the biggest things we get scared of when we revamp our space is furniture, too big will eat up space, too small is too UNCOMFORTABLE,


so instead of bashing your head against the wall and thinking of a relaxing yet good-looking renovation why not choose flooring options like Asians, it’s not only good for your health it’s also comfortable and gives that space the one you’re so scared to lose.

Bedroom 1 view 3

2- Wall Cabinets and trunks

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. so I got rid of the bed but I still have to buy a closet or a wardrobe to put all of my stuff in.

yes, you do need that but you don’t have to go big. You can always get wall cabinets and a trunk. why the trunk you may ask.

well, the trunk can be used in 2 ways. put all your junk in there and you can put a cloth on it and make it look like a small coffee table. and wall cabinets will save you a lot of space.

master bed cabinet

3- Rugs & tilles

Tiles r beautiful but if you’re going with the flooring you should use rugs. otherwise, Winter is going to be a bit chilly.

4- Use long corner lamps made of wood for a classic look.

5- fairy lights and wall stickers for decoration.

6- small pillows to give it a comfy touch.

7- small wooden nightstand and sticker mirrors

Mirrors r the principle of any interior design. so instead of using glass mirrors use sticker ones and decorate them. with wall stickers.

Dining 1

8- Merging drawing and dining together

Suppose you have a small flat, the dining space is almost not there, here’s what you can do, I know unlikely and In Bangladesh, we don’t usually do this, is marking them like western apartments. divide them with small wooden display partitions.

living and dining

9- Gardening

Your garden is meant to be enjoyed all year long—so if yours is looking a little sad and faded at the end of a long summer, it’s time to get to work. Don’t put your gardening tools away just yet because autumn is the perfect time to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees. Because conditions are mild and rainfall typically is plentiful in the fall, plants get a healthy start on life for next spring. like planing jasmonates in your balcony or money tree, or any blue roses

house interior designs

Incorporate Reflective Materials; small blue and white kitchen

Opt for white lacquered walls and glossy tiles, as designer Brian Patrick Flynn did here. The high-shine materials are reflective and will generate the same maximizing effect that a mirror will, bouncing light and making for a general airer space.

Kitchen view 1

11- Pocket Doors

Pocket doors with glass windows allow for shared light to flow throughout the space while also creating separation. And even better, they slide right into the wall when not being used, taking up much less space than swinging doors.

See, these are small things that you can do without having to lose space or money. so don’t be scared to renovate if you have a small room.

Written by: Delight Interiors