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Eclectic style encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and finish. Here’s how it breaks down: Colors: The palette can vary, but it’s best to stick with a few neutrals to help tie all the elements together.

How would you describe eclectic design


Eclectic interior design is a style that artfully mixes elements of multiple design styles into one space. It involves an informal mix of furnishings and decor and pulls from a wide variety of styles. Often, eclectic decor combines bright colors and patterns and mixes in unexpected elements


“Eclectic” is a popular adjective in interior design parlance, meaning a decor that comprises heterogeneous elements — a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colors

eclectic minimalism

Contemporary Eclectic Interior Design Concept

It combines an eclectic mix of pieces with luxe, on-trend materials such as marble and brass and works beautifully as relaxed hang-out or smart entertaining space.


The difference between eclectic and bohemian

While that may sound like bohemian, there is a key difference between the two. Bohemian throws out all the rules, favoring personal taste above design principles. Eclectic, on the other hand, bends but doesn’t break the principles of design. It relies on elements such as balance, rhythm, and proportion and scale

Eclectic-style decor got its start in the late 19th or early 20th century when architectural pioneers prided themselves on the fact that they didn’t adhere to any particular style, then set about doing their own thing.

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Eclectic style is all about mixing different styles and elements together. And this includes mixing together different furniture styles! So, you could mix a classic nightstand with a contemporary lamp. A glam headboard with two layers of funky rugs. And maybe throw in an Art Deco mirror for good measure!


Eclectic style means taking many elements from various sources and combining them artistically for another purpose; therefore, Vintage Eclecticism is a style that takes various pieces from different styles and eras to create a contemporary design space

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How to Achieve an Eclectic Minimalist Style: Start with Colors and Layout

To achieve an eclectic minimalism style, start with a minimal color scheme. Neutral colors — whether they’re dark or light — create an elegant base for the rest of your design to play off of. This sleek foundation is where you’ll later layer intricate patterns and décor that add interest to your interior.


After you select a color palette, consider the big pieces of furniture that will need to fit into each room you’re designing. Once you have those in mind, you can form an idea of how you can successfully use the rest of the space to give an eclectic yet minimalist feel.
Add Textures, Patterns, and Layers


After the basics, it’s time to choose your textures, patterns, and layers. These bring personality to a room after you have a solid color scheme in place. At this point, you can let your creativity take over — but still, consider how your new elements will flow together. Remember to keep things cohesive in order to find the right balance. This may take some playing around with, but with patience, you’ll achieve harmony.


You could add different materials like marble, woven fabric, metals, and wood to boost the eclectic charm of a minimalist foundation. For example, you might include patterned sofa cushions or wicker furniture to breathe life into your own signature style. Perhaps you even want to include a geometric rug to add a pop of personality into your design. Whatever it may be, keep an eye out for textures and layers that can amplify the eclectic zest to your home while staying close to the original color palette and theme.

Remember to Unify

As with all interior design, it’s essential that you have a unifying concept to keep your space cohesive and naturally flowing. A neutral color palette is a great place to start, but you might also want to include consistent materials or patterns throughout your home as well.
Consider Your Accent Pieces

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Lastly, it’s time to pick accent pieces to complete your space. Choose your favorite art, souvenirs from traveling, intricate shelving, or houseplants to bring in that signature lived-in feel of eclectic designs. Elements like these provide lively energy, taking the aesthetic up a notch from the simple colors and patterns that serve as your base.


One excellent option for an accent piece is a modern sliding barn door. You can install one in your bedroom, in between your kitchen or living room, or even as a closet door in your entryway. At Barndoorz, we offer elegantly crafted, one-of-a-kind barn doors with dozens of varieties to fit right into any eclectic minimalist design. They serve essential functionality while creating unforgettable intrigue that boosts the personalized atmosphere of your home.


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Written by: Delight Interiors