Me And My Journey With Delight Interiors 2013

As You’ve read previously in my bio about my early days before Delight Interiors, I didn’t start off as an interior designer right away it took me a few hits and changes of partnership to be where I am today.

The Journey

  Delight began it a journey with two members, yes two, I had a partner when this all began, he was an ex-colleague of mine from a company I used to work before I went abroad, we became good friends over the years, when I came back from London we attended few personal projects. not long after, we decided to start an Interior business of our own 

In 2013 we started working on our business, It is never easy I wish I could tell you it was but it’s not easy to start a whole new firm built from scratch, It takes years of Practice and proper knowledge. that not all, everyone has knowledge and practice

 but the hardest part was selling our Ideas. ( convincing clients) or attracting clients at all, believe me, it was a challenge we had to face, but I’m glad I had a friend to share that challenge with.


Story Of The First Potential Client

 one of the stories I vividly remember and will never forget, to be honest, I met a potential client through social media and we started talking as new acquaintances during our conversation he brought up his flat and how he’s looking for an interior firm,

 so I offered my services and my firm, as days went by we’ve planned everything which material we will be using and the costs and everything was set. I was really excited “yaay my first client”,

 but he never shared the exact location I knew it was Bailey Road but where?! I need measurements and insight of that place so I could start designing 3D models to collect vendors, But he never shares week went by of our plans I started doubting this project, is it actually going to happen? on our 4th meeting, I think he finally shared his actual location so I went there to see it,

imagine my disappointment, it was a new building under construction which will take approximately 4 years to complete the whole building. my excitement died right away that day I almost lost hope, but I never gave up. 


Our First Design

Our First design Was our own office located In Mirpur back when we officially started our business in 2014, our first official client was B grader, General Ibrahim Jamal, it was a 21k sq. foot flat in Mirpur DOHS, we designed the entire flat, it was a wonderful experience one I remember and cherish till this day, it was the day we officially began our journey. Delight’s First Office Design

I Went Solo

In 2015 after a year of our establishment, I decided to go solo, don’t get me wrong partnership is great But I like working with flexibility and freedom these are things you can’t do if you have a partner, we don’t always have the same understanding of the situation. 

so I went solo,

 I took Delight Interiors and moved to Hatirpool where we are located right now, If I’m being honest yes delight began in 2014 but the actual journey began in 2015 right after I became solo, clients started coming in one after another it was a whole new experience new adventure,

 it was hard but it was wonderful, I worked with Turkish Kitchen, Amazing Fashion Ltd, which are to this day my biggest clients, we even made it nationally. I worked On a few projects in Noakhali, Brammon Baria, Meherpur, and more.

That sums up Delight Interiors journey, I am proud of the work we do and I’m also proud also to have such an amazing team who helped me build delight to where it is today. we are the best Interior Designers In Dhaka, And One day We will Be the best Interior designers in Bangladesh.

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Written by: Delight Interiors