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Boutique Design Interior 2021

Boutique Design interior

boutique design interiors are usually one of the challenging projects for most interior firms. Cause usually it’s a small establishment yet it has to be unique and has to stand out from the rest of the showrooms surrounding it.

Boutiques are a kind of small shop that sells fashion-related items such as clothes and jewelry. Some boutiques cater to a niche by selling luxurious pieces in limited quantity,

while other boutiques are known for being small due to lack of financial resources for its expenditure or due to the owner’s preference.

 Either way, boutiques have a special place in this world as they add a special kind of charm to our lives through their aesthetic.

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Difference between a showroom and a boutique

A boutique look is another word for showrooms, but instead of using smaller items for decoration, bigger items are used for the boutique hotel look.
The oversized item creates a focal point and looks less cluttered, creating a more modern and streamlined design.

the common fact is when we enter a certain showroom the first thing we observe is the interior of the place, interior design creates an unforgettable aesthetic memorable print that catches your attention when someone walks into or walks by a place.


 the right interior design can set a vibe of the place,

 it separates from one place to another.


The best part is as interior designers we execute beauty in a place, with our vision and a clear picture of exactly what you want and how it should look.

how we design our boutiques.

when we design we always make sure that our idea is unique and is not too empty or too crowded. Negative and positive spaces play a great role in how a gorgeous interior design will look., 


we suggest what look is best suited for the place based on market research and the vibe of the area if your boutique is in a city like Dhaka we go for modern designs, for example, if you’re in a suburban area we suggest antique is the best homie comfortable look for your establishment.

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if your boutique is small, we make it an obligation to install as many mirrors as we can. Varying in different lengths and sizes, mirrors give the space an enlarged effect and also give off a luminous effect. They light up the place with their reflections.

the 6 principles we follow when we design a public place.

  •  Space: before we begin planning a design the first step we do is go and observe the place, how high the ceilings are? is the wall too thick or too thin? how wide the place is?
    because space is the main element of any interior design, the rest revolve around it.
  •  lines: Different types of lines have different effects on the space.
  • Patterns: they need to be very eye-catching and incorporated with walls, rugs, and furniture.
  • lights: are essential to liven up our design.
  • color: We follow color harmonies different color brings different feelings.
  • texture: Texture consists of two types. One is physical texture and visual texture, To achieve the best type of interior design, we combine both textures in the right quantity to create the desired look.
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The display

we use display stands in such a way that they can flaunt all our designs and also take minimum space. They also match the rest of the interior. and we always suggest to our clients is to go for a minimalist touch, as it looks elegant and classy.

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