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Best Home Interior Design 2021

Best Home Interior Design In Bangladesh

Best Home Interior Design

Looking to revamp your home? confused about which designs to choose from?

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And today in this blog I will be sharing with you a few tips on how to revamp your home. 

The Fundamentals of Renovation

If you’re looking to revamp your home, it’s important to know the basic rules of interior design before you get started. Tour the fundamental basic elements such as proportions and deciding the best size furniture for each room is key. And there are simple, best decor tips and tricks to make the most of any small space.

Best home interior design in Bangladesh

1) Give your Furniture room to breathe.
now, why is this important?

A fundamental decor tip is to move sofas away from walls, but also try moving them away from other key furniture pieces. As a rule of thumb,


allow 45cm between seating and a central coffee table. Any less than this can feel like a squeeze, but too much more can prove uncomfortable when reaching for a drink or book.

not having space at all can cause breakage, rust, hidden dust that will ruin your furniture.

Choose one statement perfect piece.

Allow one piece to dominate in every room, to make it feel more impactful.

Fake height

For example, If you have low ceilings, buy low profile furniture such as short sofas Coffee tables, etc, this will not only give air to breathe it will also highlight your space.

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Pile on the layers.

Think of your decor in terms of layers to be built up – such as color; pattern; texture; lighting; artwork; house plants and books.

Hang artwork at the perfect height.

A key interior-design rule for hanging pictures and paintings is not to position them too high. Remember to give them a human scale. So the perfect height is at eye level.

A key interior-design rule for hanging pictures and paintings is not to position them too high. Remember to give them a human scale. So the perfect height is at eye level,

Create scale with lighting

proper lighting is the key to highlighting all you’ve done above.
Have a light bulb moment when considering lighting. When choosing a pendant or chandelier to hang above a dining table, aim for a fitting that is between half and two-thirds of the width of the table. This will ensure everything is in proportion.

Mix up shapes & dress your windows.

have different shapes of mirrors or furniture, use curtains that match or highlight your room.

best home interior design in bangladesh

And Finally,
Take a step back to reflect on the whole room.

‘All interior designers will tell you that viewing a room from a distance often makes it easier to see what needs to be added, replaced, or removed.

‘Whether that is the empty wall that needs to be filled, the wall that needs a splash of color, or the corner that’s crying out for a luscious plant.’
— Interior design expert Sabina Miller.


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